Penn Valley Health Center

New Health Center Opens in Penn Valley

The Penn Valley staff includes (left to right) Physician Assistant Amber Freeman and Dr. Jennifer Hays, a dentist.
Penn Valley Health Center

Western Sierra has opened a comprehensive health center in Penn Valley, providing numerous health care services to the community of 10,000 residents.

The health center, at Penn Valley Drive and Spenceville Road (see map), offers primary care and dental services.

The health center is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Call 530-648-0410 to make an appointment.

Like all of its health center professionals, Penn Valley providers emphasize preventive care and educational programs that help empower patients to make better and more informed health decisions.

About 1,000 Penn Valley residents currently receive treatment at Western Sierra’s primary center in Grass Valley, about 10 miles away. Now, these current patients and Penn Valley residents, including those living in the Lake Wildwood community, can enjoy accessible, affordable, quality health care much closer to home.

Pediatric dentistry and a pediatrician are also available.

Western Sierra completed an extensive renovation of the 3,650-square-foot building at 10544 Spenceville Road, across from the Fire Station and near restaurants, shopping and the hardware store.

The Penn Valley health center is the sixth for Western Sierra, and its third in Nevada County.